Best Happy Hour Sushi in Miami

What Is The Best Happy Hour Sushi in Miami?

Happy hours. The REAL great American pastime. Who can agree? Typically between 4 pm and 7 pm on weekdays, this brief highlight of your day is meant to be spent with friends at your favorite restaurant or bar. We are here to breakdown the top sushi happy hour in Miami, our very own Kae Sushi.


For now, we’re going to look at three things: ambiance, drink specials, and sushi specials. Your ideal happy hour should be an all-around great spot to hang out! It will be where you do most of your catching up with friends after a long day at work or school. You need a place where you’ll be able to hear each other, and preferably have a beautiful view! Taking location into consideration is also essential when choosing your next happy hour spot.

Nothing is more disappointing than a happy hour that can’t keep up with competitive prices. You do not want to drive to a place whose specials may be priced at a one-dollar difference from regular hours. So, make sure to always do your research before dropping the location in the group chat!


Located on Giralda Ave in Coral Gables, this posh sushi restaurant is our top pick for Miami happy hours! Monday through Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm, you can find TWO FOR ONE special on select beers, house wines, and ALL traditional rolls. This is perfect for sharing with a friend.

Giralda Ave is the perfect place to beat the Miami rush hour traffic. This path is closed to vehicles and allows you to walk around, enjoy the local shops, and spend a pleasant afternoon with your favorite person! During select times of the year, Giralda Ave will also exhibit local artwork, which makes for a great distraction at the end of a busy workday.

Kae Sushi offers two for one drink specials during their happy hour, which is unheard of in Miami! Other happy hours may discount their drink prices and sometimes only on select drinks. Kae Sushi has a fantastic selection of beers and wines that are under their two for one special. This is a great deal to share with a friend or by yourself!

Although, the star of the show would be the Traditional Kae Sushi Rolls that also fall under their two for one special! Some traditional sushi rolls include a Dragon Roll, Salmon Avocado Roll, and a Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll. Each roll on the menu was created by Chef Landa, who studied Japanese cuisine for many years before bringing his talents to Kae Sushi. If you’re looking for the most delicious sushi rolls at happy hour prices, look no further than Kae Sushi.


Finding a great happy hour is dependent on three things; location, drink specials, and sushi prices. Kae Sushi scores 10/10 on every single variable. Bring your friends and ditch the Miami rush hour! For the best happy hour on Giralda Ave, visit Kae Sushi Monday through Friday, 4 pm-7 pm!


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