What Is Masago Sushi?

The philosophy behind each of Chef Landa’s dishes is quite a simple one and very effective: breaking rules and making each new dish an unforgettable show. Each ingredient will make take you away on a journey to understand its uniqueness.

Upon ordering the iconic Salmon Sensation or even our Prosciutto Roll you will find a spectacular ingredient that gives not only color, but a lot of crunch to each bite. It is the masago or sometimes the tobiko. Surely you are wondering, what is masago sushi? In the following lines you will access a one-on-one guide to be a true connoisseur of sushi.

Where does this ingredient come from?

The eggs of fish such as herring, sturgeon, or salon are, in fact, called Masago. It’s a popular ingredient of high regards in the Asian cuisine and has been adapted by many chefs as it represents a specialized ingredient avidly sought after for its distinctive and delicious flavor.

Among the many benefits that masago has, its high protein and nutrients and low calories make this quite a surprising ingredient. In fact, it is also usually recommended in several meal plans for those deficient in B12.

Several diners fear for high levels of mercury in products that come from the sea. Though this may be true with a lot of seafood items sold in the market, it is not the case with masago.

How to make masago sushi

Let’s proceed to the most famous culinary creations which consist of the highly regarded ingredient. In case you’re looking any ideas or tips, these can prove to be part of a greater recipe for a night out with a partner or a lovely afternoon with friends.

Here are some ways you can use masago:

      • Masago is a topping for your preparations:  Not only does it give it an intense orange color but is also an ideal one for a crispier and fresher texture.
      • Masago as a filling for sushi rolls: In this case, it’s also a popular choice in various sushi bars to give a colorful touch in iconic dishes such as the California or Dragon rolls.
      • Ideal for creative sauces and dressings: If you’re encouraged to prepare an authentic dressing, mixing masago with a light a lightweight sauce, like a sesame dressing, will give it a kick of exceptional flavors. We can assure that your guests will be tempted enough to even ask you for the recipe your serving!

You’re finally able to face the question ‘What is masago?’ like a true expert. We even dare to say that this fruit of an ingredient, normally used in haute cuisine, gives an air of sophistication and versatility to each dish, and will with no doubts be a unique ally for those amateur and the expert chefs out there.

There’s no doubt Kae Sushi can be the first step to try out the incredible flavorful fusion of masago in incredible dishes created by Chef Landa. The masterful combinations provide a sensation like no other in Miami. We guess the question now is ‘Are you ready to try some newer masago infused recipes?’