Different Types of Sushi Rolls

What Are The Different Types Of Sushi Rolls?

When we think about sushi, we are faced with an endless world of possibilities. Surely, within the current extensive gastronomic offer, you will find from five stars sushi bars to less sophisticated places, that will delight almost every foodie.

Devoted to three ingredients, raw or cooked fish, vegetables, and rice seasoned with vinegar, this dish opens up many possibilities for chefs around the world to experience the entire Japanese tradition in one bite.

Who has not faced the difficult decision of arriving at a sushi bar without knowing which option to choose? Not everyone can be an expert in this bite-sized wonder. That is why we want to give you a one on one guide so that you know what are the different types of sushi rolls, and how you could choose one that awakens all your senses.

Are you ready to travel to Japan in one bite?

Here we share the most common types of sushi around the world:

The most traditional ones

Within this category, you will find those who don’t lose fidelity to the simplicity of the traditional recipe for the dish. They usually don’t have a lot of toppings and its main focus relay on the quality and flavor of the fish.

  • Nigiri: You will identify it quickly as it is one of the few types that doesn’t have nori, that is, the seaweed that serves as a wrapper. Its main feature is the compact pieces of rice that are covered by raw fish or other ingredients. If visiting Japan is part of your bucket list, Nigiri is a must-try dish!
  • Chirashi: This variation of sushi will surprise you, as it doesn’t correspond to the image we usually picture of this dish. Its main characteristic is that it is prepared by scattering rice, raw fish, and other typical sushi ingredients on a plate. It’s ideal for those days when you don’t have time to prepare each piece separately.
  • Sashimi: Although you will usually find it on the sushi menu, you will be surprised to know that it is not sushi at all! Sashimi is a way of preparing fish and shellfish, cutting it into pieces of a certain thickness so that it can be eaten raw. Their accompaniments are key to enjoy this dish from start to finish.
  • Maki: a favorite one at western restaurants, as it’s a spectacular roll with rice, raw fish, and various ingredients rolled up in nori seaweed. If the roll is very thin it is called hosomaki, if it is thick futomaki, and if it is filled with cucumber, kappa maki. Surely, if you have tried sushi before, makis are part of your list.

A fun twist on the traditional recipe

These types of sushi represent the most avant-garde version of this traditional dish. They are fun, fresh, innovative, and definitely delicious! Even if they are not faithful to the original recipe, they will surely be present on the menu of most restaurants worldwide.

  • California Roll: The origin of this type of sushi is the subject of many conjectures because it was not created in Japan. It was actually born in California during the late 60s by a Japanese chef based in Los Angeles. Amazing, isn’t it? Although it is commonly called California roll, it is in the uramaki category, which means it is a maki upside down. That’s right! with rice on the outside. Of course, it should always be prepared with crab, cucumber, and avocado.
  • Temaki: They are the most fun and easy to eat on the entire menu. Temakis are nori seaweed cones stuffed with rice and other ingredients that depend more on the chef, than on an original recipe. Many people often say that they are like burritos but in a Japanese version!
  • Tempura Roll: A real celeb in the world of sushi! It’s a stuffed and battered roll that, when fried, transforms into a crispy bite. It is served hot, freshly made and the ingredients can be fish, vegetables, and other proteins. It is definitely a twist to the original recipe we love!
  • Spicy Tuna Roll: This type of sushi arouses hatred and love for its ingredients. Incredible tuna bites, soft rice, crispy nori, and spicy notes will make you want more than one piece. If you love spicy food, with this sushi roll you will always be in the right place.
  • Dragon Roll: It will never go out of style! it is recognized for its beautiful presentation and incredible flavor. If you are an #AvocadoLover this is the type of sushi you need in your life. Filled with prawn tempura, wild asparagus, and avocado. Our mouths water at this perfect combination of textures and flavors that make it a perfect snack!
  • Spider Roll: A roll in which its preparation reflects the deliciousness of the shell crab. If you want to do it at home, it is simple and fun to cook! Kaiware, Masago, Sushi Rice, nori, Eel Sauce, and cucumber should be part of your favorite ingredients if you want to enjoy it.

You are now an expert!

There is no doubt that when it comes to sushi, the options are endless and the possibilities that chefs have to play with their ingredients and textures are extraordinary. If you are one of those people who do not want to eat raw fish (even when we have just shown you that it is delicious in many ways) you can try this traditional Japanese dish in vegetarian versions.

Now that you are a sushi master, be sure to visit us in Coral Gables, South Miami, or Doral to choose and teach others the main differences between each type!


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