Is Sushi Vegan?

We love having healthy options for all tastes and trends when it comes to food. The important question that begs to be answered today is, ‘Is Sushi Vegan’? If so, where can you find the most delicious ones?

Whether it’s allergies, the composition and texture of animal protein, ecological reasons such as animal rights to end all suffering put upon animals, or for purely a unique healthy lifestyle, there are several reasons why people decide to go vegan, and for very good reason! It is a well-known fact in the medical community that those who opt for vegetarian or vegan diets mitigate the risk of cardiovascular problems by up to 32%, especially during older ages.

Is sushi vegan, or even vegetarian?

Vegan and vegetarian questions about sushi are asked more frequently than not when it comes to picking the Japanese delight. Refraining from a good sushi roll, in the end, is the hardest and most unhuman challenge. It’s important to note that vegan sushi and vegetarian sushi are completely different. Here’s why…

While vegetarians only exclude the proteins of animals from their diet, including seafood, vegans eliminate them completely, including all items that are derived from animal produce, including milk, eggs, honey, cheese, and butter. A lot the iconic dishes of sushi master chefs, like Chef Landa for instance, include seafood protein such as salmon, tuna, or lobster, while also containing animal derivatives such as cream cheese, honey, and butter.

Keeping this in mind, the chances of consuming the most traditional of sushi variety while fulfilling the requirements of being a vegan or vegetarian reduce drastically, However, there is no need to worry, various assortments of vegan and vegetarian sushi do exist!


How to order vegan sushi?

Our main recommendations will be to opt for sushi options containing vegetables. Vegan sushi uses a variety of vegetable assortments and diverse cooking techniques to create a delicious experience for the Japanese dish. Many restaurants also allow you to add or exclude any particular type of ingredient you may or may not like, a most common courtesy for people with allergies. When it comes to sushi, your imagination is your limit, or as it is said: the number of choices you have are like the number of choices of grains of rice the world brings.

In most restaurants, like Kae, delicious and alternative options to non-vegetarian options can be found easily on the menu. Poke bowls, salads such as Kanikama Crunch, and miso soup are tasty additions you can always enjoy.

Vegan Sushi Near Me

If you think that there are no vegan options for you in the world of sushi, we want to give you some good news. Right at heart of Coral Gables, you will come across Kae Sushi that provides delicious, healthy options and above all perfect for a vegan lifestyle.

Even if you read us from places other than Miami, we can assure you that fusion cuisine has brought innovative recipes that will allow you to enjoy a delicious sushi roll without feeling the difference with a traditional and non-vegan roll.

Don’t you think it’s possible? Well, we want to tell you that many of the veggie rolls that you find around the world use ingredients such as, jicama, candied carrots and plenty avocado variations to achieve a texture and flavor very similar to the original version of any sushi roll. Without a doubt when it comes to the craziest, most delicious and likely to taste like a non-vegan roll, are those that include amazing ingredients such as jicama, toasted coconut, nuts of different types and even watermelon!  If you are a broccoli fan, you will be happy to know that there are even options with a tempura version of this delicious vegetable. If you ask us, it is simply spectacular!

So, Sushi can most definitely be dish that can be enjoyed by anyone. Yes! It does come in vegan and vegetarian options, including gluten free. Now that you know being vegan will not prevent you from enjoying a delicious sushi roll, continue on to delight yourself with this spectacular and do not be afraid to ask or request the chef for an option that suits your diet!


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