What Sushi is Good for Weight Loss?

If you’re a sushi lover and are already on a diet to reach your goals, you may have found asking yourself if sushi is a good addition in a weight loss diet. There is something to keep in mind – no food alone can make you gain or lose weight. To reach where you want to be, a sedentary lifestyle can do more harm than good. Calories from sugars and flours can accumulate if not burned, which proteins, good fats, and vegetables can also contain.

So, is sushi a healthy addition for losing weight?

The answer really depends on your lifestyle and how active you are regularly. As you may know, a balanced diet is made of proteins, vegetables, fruits, good fats, fibers, and carbohydrates. Sushi contains all of these ingredients; however, it is important to know not all sushi may contain the amounts of macronutrients you may be looking for. They are, nonetheless, a healthy addition – especially the ones containing a large portion of cured fish, vegetables, good fats, a reasonable portion of rice, with minimal processed sauces or fried ingredients. For example, avocado, raw fish, veggies, fruits, and light sauces are a great addition for a healthy roll.

So, if your goal is to lose weight or just eat healthy, these are our recommendations for enjoying sushi guilt-free:

      1. Choose a well-known restaurant – a place known for its quality of food.
      2. Workout – exercise burns fats and builds muscle, which means the ability to add more sushi into your diet.
      3. High protein rolls – sashimi, tiraditos, salads, ceviche, without rice or tempura rolls.
      4. Regularly drink water, hot tea, and avoid sugary drinks.
      5. Have a cheat day once a week – where you can enjoy any and all food you crave, like the other delicious rolls you get at Kae!
      6. If you must eat, eat without regrets for being thankful and calm will keep the stress away!


Let’s not forget, a great balance in lifestyle is to bring the ‘active’ lifestyle into your life, which not only will reduce your weight but relieve you of stress.

Before we go, here are the healthiest sushi options that Kae is delighted to offer:

      • Nigiri Sea
      • Salmon Avocado
      • Sashimi Platter
      • Veggie Roll
      • Salmon Sensation
      • Octopus Tiradito
      • Caviar Tiradito
      • Ceviche Bites
      • Poke Bowl
      • Salmon/Tuna Tartare
      • Neptune Salad
      • Trio Sashimi Roll

All of these options limit carbs and maximize protein and good fats! They are truly a delight you could eat over and over again! We hope you enjoy a nutritional diet with some regular and delicious sushi.


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