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Is sushi Japanese or Chinese?

Do you know the origin of sushi? Where does it come from? Is it Japanese or Chinese? There is a lot of history behind every sushi roll.

Is sushi Japanese or Chinese?

The inevitable answer would be that sushi originated in Japan. Even though Japan is the sushi capital, where most tourists love this dish, sushi originated in China, along the Mekong River in Southeast Asia. It began as Narezushi, a dish whose main ingredients were fermented rice and salted fish. It is known as the foundation of sushi.

How did sushi get to America? What do Japanese people think of American sushi?

The answer is clear; sushi arrived in America thanks to wars, tourism, and political and commercial relations. After World War II, Japan reopened its international doors. Many Americans tried sushi rolls, and the Japanese migrated to America. Its acceptance was spectacular; the experience of new flavors and textures in the roll caused a lot of impact. It is said that the first restaurant to incorporate sushi in its restaurant was the Kawafuku Restaurant in Los Angeles. Although it was well-received, the idea of eating raw fish in America was bizarre. However, after 1960 sushi became a trend in numerous restaurants across the country. Chefs began to cook and create with the Japanese and Chinese bases. Today, gastronomic creativity allows us to enjoy tempura sushi, different sauces, and even Nutella sushi for dessert.
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What do Japanese people think of American sushi?

It is undoubtedly a clash of cultures, mainly because sushi for the Japanese is like a hamburger for the Americans. If you eat sushi rolls in Japan, you will see that they are basic, fermented white rice with raw fish, wrapped tightly with nori and soy sauce, all well prepared. In short, Japanese sushi is a delicate balance of flavors. Western sushi differs from traditional sushi, thanks to the regional tastes and different cultures. In America, sushi chefs and restaurants introduce deep frying some sushi items and teriyaki sauce or even plantains and cheese inside a roll. Some Japanese and Chinese consider American sushi very embarrassing, as the change and taste are noticeable. However, different palates have different tastes, and nowadays, every country seeks to satisfy its people. Today you can witness many Japanese and American businesses as partners, where the mixture of cultures and flavors conquer everyone.
We hope we have answered all your questions: Is sushi Japanese or Chinese? What do Japanese people think of American sushi? There is no doubt capitalism, tourism, and multiculturalism are a fact we can take advantage of by enjoying gastronomy in any part of the world.


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