Sushi Happy Hour Near Me

Kae Sushi can make your dreams come true whether you are looking for a robotic sushi concept, fine dining, or a budget-friendly treat. Good sushi also involves having a great social experience on a budget. Fortunately, our sushi place honors the love for happy hour in the Western world. We have a custom sushi-dining program that will not bleed your bank account or add to the day’s tire.


A standard priority for all happy hours is the drinking technology and over-drinking culture. We have an entire drinks menu that is easy to follow despite its inclusion of both beers and wine.

We have an intriguing list of beers and wines that are refreshing. The tasting detail of each drink includes prices so that you can make an online order with ease. Happy hours have beer prices of up to $1.50 for selected ones.

Our sushi happy hour near me balances the dining experience with a typical social setup by including fine wine to the drinks menu. We include a wide selection of eclectic gems that will entice you with a little tingle or get you to the edge.


This food delicacy has too many benefits to pass up. Firstly, it is impossible not to get a photogenic sushi photo because we create beautiful presentations for all our sushi meals. Our Instagram-worthy servings are in small plates that combine the artistic presentation of Japanese and Miami international standards.

Our renowned sushi chef is excellent at creating a range of options with endless possibilities. You can kick start a date night with one of the sweetest and most exquisite sushi rolls, or enjoy a social evening with classmates with a colorful array of sushi mixtures.


It is nearly impossible to name a happy hour dish that will keep your calorie count within the acceptable range. A standard happy hour involves beer options that only derail your health journey.

Sushi is the best happy hour option because it entails all the vital nutrients of a healthy meal. Raw fish, rice, vegetable, and seaweed are not going to revert your work out effort or give you a cringe-worthy feeling. A vegetarian roll could have 170 calories, while a shrimp roll could have 199 calories. The entire meal contains a healthy dose of vitamins C, A, and B6, several minerals, antioxidants, and Omega 3s.

Social excitement

Sushi bars have a lively atmosphere that is great for singles who want to mix or big enthusiastic groups. Kae Sushi is at the heart of the vibrant Giralda Avenue in Coral Gables. The neighborhood offers visitors a wide array of dining options, from standard options to fast foods that meet the budget and lifestyle of all age groups.

Choosing our sushi place sets you up with multiple restaurant options. Giralda Avenue has all classes of restaurants, making it an all-inclusive choice for couples, singles, or groups that want the range of ecstasies.

Sushi happy hour near me gives you the full benefit of a sushi meal at the most affordable prices and optional delivery services. Make an online booking for the most exotic Miami and Japanese combinations throughout the week.

Sushi Happy Hour Near Me

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