The problem coffee drinkers using Keurig and similar coffee makers face is the expense of pre-filled K Cups. The solution is a simple one: reusable K Cups. While store-bought Reusable K Cups make it easy to brew your own house blend, many of them leak, so you’ll find a tell-tale sludge at the bottom of your cup. If you’ve noticed guests or family members pouring out the last couple of sips of their coffee, or you’ve seen the muddy evidence yourself, consider DéliBrü reusable K Cups with a finer mesh that only allows flavor to flow through- not grounds.

How Can I Make the Perfect Cup of K Cup Coffee?

You have two options when brewing K Cup coffee with your brewer:

  1. Purchase costly pre-filled K Cup pods, brew them one at a time and dispose of the plastic cups after each brewing.
  2. Make a one-time, low-cost investment in a reusable K Cup from DéliBrü, drop in a paper filter, fill with your own coffee any time you want a delicious cup of coffee, and save at the same time.

Cost-savings using the DéliBrü reusable K Cup are significant, but that’s not the biggest advantage of using our products. You can brew café-quality coffee in your own home, without purchasing professional equipment or buying the most expensive brand of coffee on the shelf. Our K Cups make a dramatic difference in the taste and richness of your morning coffee because of the fine mesh and disposable paper filter that offer a slight resistance during the brewing process, adding boldness and character to your coffee.

Are Paper Filters Necessary for Brewing?

We recommend using the paper filters for a couple of reasons: first, they’re very inexpensive- just 5 cents each when you buy them in the 300-count pack, and second, they improve the taste of your home-brewed coffee by eliminating the possibility that grounds will get through the reusable K Cup. Try DéliBrü paper filters the next time you make a cup of coffee with your K Cup brewer and taste the difference- you’ll want to have them on hand every time you make coffee.

Experience the DéliBrü Difference

Our reusable K Cups were featured on NBC NYC on Ashley’s A-List as a clean, green, reusable product that positively impacts the environment and saves coffee drinkers money. If you don’t relish the thought of spending $5 for take-out coffee and still think a dollar a cup is too much for home-brewing, you’re going to truly appreciate DéliBrü products that reduce the cost of your morning coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, and other hot-brewed beverages to about a quarter a cup, filter included.

Compare home-brewed coffee using DéliBrü products with your favorite coffee-house’s cup of coffee, and we’re confident you’ll agree that nothing compares with taste or richness of the perfect cup of home-brewed coffee. Pick up one of our reusable K Cups designed to last a lifetime and a pack of paper filters that will last for months.

Reusable K Cups