Wine Dispensers

Wine Dispensers

Many nights and weekends start like this; trying to find a bar to let off steam from work with your favorite alcoholic drinks. While the wine or whiskey plays a crucial role in how you enjoy your night out, it is usually the ambiance and status of the bar that draws us. One of the simplest things that create a functional and enjoyable space is the wine dispensers. The best ones are not only functional; they are a modern and aesthetically pleasing addition that keeps your wine cool and fresh.

What types of establishments have wine dispensers?

  • Bars
  • Casinos
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate establishments
  • Event locations

The wine dispenser’s application depends on the event’s and location's theme. Do you want a big machine or a smaller one for private use? It is essential to know the features of different wine dispensers to determine whether they will benefit your business or occasion.

Choosing the best wine dispenser


You must consider the capacity of the wine you want to serve at any particular time before buying the dispenser. Dispensers can be as small as having one bottle or 12 bottles. The larger and more expensive designs tend to work best in corporate and hoteling settings, with a professional wine standing by for further consultation.


Some dispensers have a unique aeration system that improves breathing conditions to keep the wine fresher longer. Wine Emotion USA is one of the best dispenser sellers because our products have many different personal and commercial use features. Our list of clients, including airports and restaurants, enjoy serving all types of win, including vintage and rare units that require stringent preservation. So pay extra attention to our commercial dispensers and let us help you narrow down the product descriptions that suit your best.

Storage needs

The best wine dispensers double as storage units depending on their functionality and design. Choose a wine dispenser with a fridge functionality because the multi-function option will keep the ideal temperature and ensure the longevity of the aroma and richness. More so, they should have enough storage capacity for all your wine bottles to upkeep the character at all costs.


The biggest hurdle of a wine dispensing system is the high upfront purchase cost. Wine dispensers usually cost several thousand dollars to install and therefore give off the impression of unaffordability. We make the purchase a natural process for everyone by customizing the purchase to your specifications. We recommend prospective clients go through the product sheet and specifications the request a quote so we can give them an accurate value.


Restaurants cannot buy a dispenser without an accurate flow meter because they will not know how much they are selling. Therefore, only purchase dispensers with an accurate flow meter and safety system so that you can lock them during off-hours.

Please contact our office via 949-282-0187 if you would like to learn more about our wine systems and how they fit into your business and home.


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