Sushi Restaurants In Miami

Sushi Restaurants In Miami

Kae Sushi is one of the finest sushi restaurants in Miami with a diverse and exotic menu, that can take you on a culinary ride across Japan. All of our lunch specials come with a bowl of miso soup or green salad, and our diners can custom create their poke bowls.

What defines traditional Japanese cuisine?

Japanese cuisine holds an important place in the world's top list of popular cuisines. Here are the three key aspects that define Japanese cuisine:

  1. Fresh ingredients- Japanese cooking is all about using a diverse range of fresh ingredients. This means that most Japanese recipes use the freshest unagi, sea urchin, bluefin tuna, pufferfish, and wagyu.
  2. Healthy food- Japenese cuisine is all about minimalism that an ideal meal comprises of soup and three vegetables. A Japanese meal is a perfect balance of nutrients, proteins, and fats that prevent obesity and improves the life span in people of Japan.
  3. Presentation- Japanese cuisine often receives a lot of accolades for its food presentation techniques. Restaurants use seasonal flowers, leaves, and other elements for decoration to complement the season.

Besides, this cuisine focuses on shared meal experiences, which strengthens the bonds within families and communities. At our sushi restaurants in Miami, we serve the best miso, sushi, sashimi, tempura, and poke bowls.

Essential tips for eating at a Japanese restaurant

If it is your first time at a Japanese restaurant and if the menu makes you feel clueless, do not be afraid to ask the waiter as to what a Japanese name means and the method of its preparation. When at a Japanese restaurant, make sure to order a fresh and raw fish dish from the menu to get the real taste of Japanese cuisine. If you've never eaten raw fish, start with ordering oily fishes like tuna and salmon.

Make sure to order something exotic such as the grilled yakimono, steamed sushi, stewed nabe, etc., for an immersive experience in the unique Japanese flavors. Also, if you want to try the ramen, order a bowl of Tsukemen or Champon.

Unique Japanese flavors that you shouldn't miss

One of the top Japanese flavors is the miso, it is a thick textured paste of fermented soybeans and is a versatile seasoning base for soups, vegetable dishes, and stews. Kinako is yet another flavor that offers a delicious nutty flavor and holds an important place in most of the Japanese confectioneries. 

One of the commonly used flavors is Wasabi, that comes from the root of Japanese horseradish. You can use it to season sushi or sashimi, and we make our Wasabi inhouse using fresh ingredients to offer our diners the best Japanese meal experience.

Come and dine at the Kae Sushi to enjoy the authentic flavors of Japanese cuisine. We are one of the few sushi restaurants in Miami to provide the best quality food using the freshest ingredients and house-made flavorings, spices, and sauces.

Sushi Restaurants In Miami
KAE Sushi
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Sushi Restaurants In Miami
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Sushi Restaurants In Miami Sushi Restaurants In Miami Sushi Restaurants In Miami Sushi Restaurants In Miami