Sushi Lunch Specials Near Me

Sushi Lunch Specials Near Me

At Kae Sushi, we serve traditional Japanese cuisine with a touch of Miami. Our executive chef Efrain Landa creates a shared dining experience with his small meal portions concept. We are the aptest answer for food lovers in search of 'sushi lunch specials near me' on the internet.

Tips on how to eat Japanese food

If it is your first time eating Japanese food, it can be intimidating to understand the dining habits and etiquette that revolve around this cuisine. Here are some tips on how to eat Japanese food the right way:

  1. Transfer the food from shared dishes to your plate or bowl and avoid using your chopsticks to eat from the common bowl or plate.
  2. Always use a separate set of serving chopsticks and spoons to ladle or move food from the shared bowls and plate to your dish.
  3. Sushi is a food that you eat in one bite, and if you are dining with a couple of Japanese friends, make sure to finish all the food on your plate. It is bad table manners in Japanese culture to waste food or to leave food remains on the plate.

Besides, use a limited amount of soy sauce and other sauces and flavorings on your food. Adding too much seasoning and flavorings can overpower and ruin the taste of your meal.

What should I order at a Sushi restaurant?

Start your dinner or lunch by ordering a plate of pork gyozas or miso soup to kick off your appetite. Edamame, shrimp shumai, and vegetable egg rolls are otherwise choices for appetizers.

When it comes to sushi, we recommend you try the classic tuna tataki, salmon tartare, or the white fish & shrimp ceviche. You can always enjoy your sushi with a side order of salads like the kanikama crunch or the seaweed salad. If you are looking for 'sushi lunch specials near me,' then we have a diverse menu with customizable poke bowls and exotic sashimi platter options.

Ways to eat famous Japanese dishes 

There is something deeply calming about enjoying a traditional Japanese meal. Some of the famous Japanese foods include:

  • Miso soup - It is one of the comfort foods, where you sip the soup directly from the bowl. The miso comes with a variety of solid ingredients, which you can eat with a pair of chopsticks.
  • Okazu - It refers to the several side dishes served alongside a typical Japanese meal. Okazu refers to small portions of side dishes that you can eat using chopsticks. You can cut the large pieces of Okazu using your chopsticks and enjoy the bite-sized pieces.
  • Sashimi - Sashimi refers to raw fish that comes with a small dish containing soy sauce or wasabi. With sashimi, you dip each piece of fish into the soy sauce and then on the wasabi before putting it in your mouth. 

Your search for the best 'sushi lunch specials near me' ends here. Call 3058145872 to make reservations to dine at the Kae Sushi. We also offer free home delivery as well as sumptuous catering services.

Sushi Lunch Specials Near Me
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Sushi Lunch Specials Near Me
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Sushi Lunch Specials Near Me Sushi Lunch Specials Near Me Sushi Lunch Specials Near Me Sushi Lunch Specials Near Me