Sushi Happy Hour Las Vegas

Sushi Happy Hour Las Vegas

Sumo Sushi II is a touristic landmark in Vegas for good reasons. Aside from the delicious food, warm welcoming, and immersing ambiance, we also offer our sushi happy hour in Las Vegas.

What sushi is best for beginners?

Although people’s preferences might differ, we believe that newcomers should first try our more modern sushi recipes. Western cuisine differs from the Asian one significantly, both in looks, taste, and texture. It’s best to start with something close to your tastes and move your way up from there.

We offer both classic sushi rolls and modern dishes, relying on a mix between Western cuisine and Japan’s traditional cooking values. As a beginner, you might want to have a taste of our delicious deep-fried rolls first, or maybe go for our trademark baked rolls or shrimp tempura. Our menu is incredibly diverse, displaying a variety of sushi options for all tastes. It will be impossible not to discover something to your preferences.

We also recommend taking advantage of our happy hour if you’re short on cash, but don’t want to miss the opportunity of diving into the Asian cuisine. Have a taste of our food, and if you like it, next time you could attempt our All-You-Can-Eat Happy Hour. It’s a challenge and a tasty one at that.

Is Las Vegas expensive to eat?

It depends where you go. Prices vary a great deal in Vegas, and you will be amazed to find out how low they can go. If you lack a massive budget but want to have some good food during your stay in the city, we recommend you to try our sushi Happy Hour in Las Vegas. The offer is rich, and the food is tasty, embodying the best of traditional Japanese cuisine and the more modern aromas of the 21st century.

We offer $2 to $4 appetizers, sushi for $3 per order, similar with our wide variety of rolls, and specialty rolls and special sashimi for $7 and 8$ per serving (six pieces). If you want to go hard on yourself, you should try our $20.95 All-You-Can-Eat Happy Hour. Pay, dig in, repeat the next day – a true Vegas culinary experience.

Must-try dishes in Vegas

You can’t leave the city without having a go at our astounding food menu, designed to accommodate all tastes, no matter the culture you’re coming from. We realize that not all people are accustomed to Japanese food, which is why we’ve expanded our menu significantly over the past several years.

If you want something closer to your cultural cuisine, we have pork, beef, and chicken as well, with a Japanese twist, of course. Our sushi happy hour in Las Vegas offers you the opportunity to taste the best Japan has to offer in the food department at affordable prices. Visit us, at Sumo Sushi II today, and find out why we rank among the leading sushi restaurants in Vegas! We guarantee you’ll take some of the Japanese spirit home with you.

Sushi Happy Hour Las Vegas
Sumo Sushi II
(702) 262-7866
Sushi Happy Hour Las Vegas
8795 W Warm Springs Rd # 105-106
Las Vegas NV 89148

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Sushi Happy Hour Las Vegas Sushi Happy Hour Las Vegas Sushi Happy Hour Las Vegas Sushi Happy Hour Las Vegas