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Pure olive oil

Pure olive oil

Olive oil is one of the most commonly used cooking ingredients. Along with pepper and salt, it is one of the most used pantry staples because it is an important element to a lot of recipes. Plus, olive oil is full of nutrients, which makes it an important element to a well-rounded diet.

However, choosing the right olive oil bottle can be tricky. With a lot of inferior olive oil clogging the market, it a difficult to tell which ones are actually worthy of your money and time. There are a couple of things you need to know about buying the best olive oil, and here are some things to watch out for.

Type of olive oil bottle

To help keep your olive oil stay tasty and fresh for as long as possible, the bottle it is stored in is very important. You don’t want the olive oil in a clear bottle because of light effects and causes it to degrade and oxidize. It is also important that you avoid olive oils stored in plastic bottles because plastics will expose the olive oil to more air and light, which can make it go bad.   

Select pure olive oil sold in metals tins or dark glass bottles. Moreover, you will want to keep the olive oil stored in a cool, dark place far away from heat, because it could also make the oil to become bad. 

When possible, only choose extra virgin olive oil.

Extra-virgin olive oil smells good, tastes good, looks incredible, and brings out the incredible flavors in your meal. There are 3 different main types of olive oil on the market, extra-virgin olive oil, virgin, and pure olive oil. The extra virgin oil is the best of the rest.

A sensory test has to be done on all olive oils by expert panels of oil tasters to establish whether or not the olive oil has any defects. If the olive oil fails to pass this test and more, it cannot be considered as extra-virgin olive oil.

Ensure you read the labels carefully

Most of the olive oils are mixed from different countries; this is required for quality oil. However, it is important that you read the labels carefully because it will indicate if the olive oil has been blended with poor quality oil, which is necessary to avoid. Also, you can read the label for a quality seal. Although there are several certification bodies with its own standards, this can be the sign that the virgin oil has been tested and trusted.

Best by date

The fresher an olive oil is, the better; that is why it is important to check if a bottle has a best by date on it. And don’t buy it if it doesn’t have the date. With the best by date, the company is stating that under the right storage conditions, your olive oil will still taste and smell good until the end of the best by date. 

Now that you know how to purchase the right olive oil that won’t suck contact εvoᶾ for your best extra-virgin olive oil today.


Pure olive oil

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Pure olive oil Pure olive oil Pure olive oil Pure olive oil