Las Vegas Sushi

Las Vegas Sushi

At Sumo Sushi II, we believe that making good food is an art more than anything else. Our dishes bring together the magic of classic Japanese poems with the best modern age has to offer in terms of culinary savor. If you’re ready for our Las Vegas sushi, come on in for a visit!

The best Japanese food

In our view, the best Japanese food must embody three core principles:

  1. Unforgettable taste, offering a ravishing blend of complementary aromas with a specific Japanese touch
  2. Fresh ingredients for a plus of savor and quality
  3. Healthy nutritional intake for nourishing dishes

Our menu stands out as bringing together all these aspects in one truly outstanding Asian formula. Our chef has learned the secrets of authentic Japanese cooking from prestigious Japanese masters, and the results show with the first bite.

Is it healthy to eat sushi?

Japanese food is probably one of the healthiest foods you can have, and we strongly advise you to try it out. If not for the pleasure of having a taste of Japan’s rich culinary history, then you should try it for its nutritional punch. Whether you prefer spicy rolls, shrimp tempura rolls or nigiri, you are guaranteed to get a genuinely healthy meal of spiced fish meat, octopus, squid or shrimps.

Healthy eating is a tradition in Asian cuisine, which is why Japan has the second highest life expectancy in the world. People like to eat healthily, but without sacrificing the flavors in the process. Whether you’ll have raw or cooked food, we guarantee a memorable eating experience.

What is good food?

Our culinary philosophy is simple – we consider food to be good if it’s nutritious, tasty, and with personality. And our Las Vegas sushi has personality. For food to have personality, it must look impeccable, and embody some of the spirit of the culture it comes from. There are countless dishes, coming from all corners of the globe, and every one of them has something that makes it unique.

We’re looking to provide our dishes with the same uniqueness, as we experiment with spices, flavors, colors, and various ingredients. Everything we produce is grade A, guaranteed to satisfy even the most pretentious tastes. If you’re ready for a 2-piece Cajun Albacore Nigiri, or some shrimp tempura with crab, avocado, and eel, we have you covered. If instead, you’re looking for a more traditional taste, you can always go for our classic tuna or salmon rolls — delicious, unique, unforgettable.

An authentic Japanese restaurant

We stay faithful to the Japanese culture, as we believe it embodies the undying excellence of a unique culinary art. We think that authenticity, quality, and innovation recommend us better than anything else and that our Las Vegas sushi has no match.

If you want to experiment and test your culinary preferences, our door is open for you, Monday to Sunday. Have a taste of the authentic Sumo Sushi II experience, and we guarantee you’ll become a loyal customer! We create a special form of art – an amazingly tasty one.

Las Vegas Sushi
Sumo Sushi II
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Las Vegas Sushi
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Las Vegas Sushi Las Vegas Sushi Las Vegas Sushi Las Vegas Sushi