Chopsticks for sushi

How to use chopsticks!

It’s hard to use chopsticks for the first time, but worry not – here is the ultimate guide to becoming an expert at grabbing your favorite sushi without destroying them. Here you’ll learn how to use chopsticks so you can pick up your sushi like an expert.
According to studies from the California Academy of Sciences, chopsticks were invented about 5,000 years ago in China. In the beginning, they were used for cooking and picking up small bites of food and now, they are the best way to enjoy a classic sushi roll.
Now, let’s cut to the chase and learn how to hold chopsticks like a pro. There are some important tips that you should follow. Firstly, crossing your chopsticks when not using them should be avoided – it’s considered bad luck in Japanese culture. Chopsticks must be deposited in the hashioki. It is also very important to be careful when eating – avoid touching your mouth with chopsticks.
And if you are going to share with someone special, you must place the piece of sushi on their plate, it’s impolite not to do so. If you order a big plate of sushi in a group, you must first serve each one on your plates. However, there is one Japanese dish that you can eat without chopsticks: sashimi.

How to Pick Up Sushi with Chopsticks:

Here are simple steps to use chopsticks like an expert:

To pick each piece of sushi, move the upper stick with the help of your thumb, index, and middle fingers. Follow the steps above and soon, you’ll be the one teaching your friends! Now you know how to pick up sushi with chopsticks!

Curious facts:

  1. There are 4 types of sushi chopsticks:
  2. a. Japanese: these are known as oashi, made of wood.

    b. Chinese: they are also made of wood but with rounded tips.

    c. Korean: they are shorter and usually made of metal, but it’s possible to find chopsticks made of wood too.

    d. Vietnamese: they are flat and made of wood

  3. They are personal and must not be shared.
  4. Sticking chopsticks is bad luck because it remembers funeral rites.

  5. Finally, follow these final steps to enjoy your meal:

  1. Order your favorite sushi roll at Kae
  2. Enjoy!
So, now that you are a chopstick expert, what’s the first item on the menu you’re going to order? Practice makes perfect! And if you have a friend that wants to learn how to use chopsticks send them this blog!


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