Sushi Crab Salad Recipe

Sushi crab salad recipe

Cultures represent a country’s lifestyle through their own color of beliefs, costumes, and food! That’s why there are a tremendous number of recipes out here to try. Each dish has special ingredients and obviously changes with the environment and surroundings, but which can also be used in many different ways!The Surimi Salad is usually served […]

What is the Difference Between Sushi and Sashimi?

Have you ever wondered the difference between sashimi and sushi? These two dishes are always on the menu of any Japanese restaurant. Both sushi and sashimi are delicious and today are popular around the world. However, they are different in terms of ingredients and preparation. Let’s take a look at the differences between sushi and […]

What Is Masago Sushi?

The philosophy behind each of Chef Landa’s dishes is quite a simple one and very effective: breaking rules and making each new dish an unforgettable show. Each ingredient will make take you away on a journey to understand its uniqueness. Upon ordering the iconic Salmon Sensation or even our Prosciutto Roll you will find a […]

Is Sushi Gluten Free?

The dynamism that characterizes the culinary world knows no borders. If, at this moment, we asked you to think of someone you know who does not consume foods with gluten, at least one name would cross your mind, surely. No? As time goes by, people find newer things and get accustomed to newer diets. It […]