What exactly is Kani?

Kani Sushi

Kani sushi is not as illustrious as you may think it is. The word “Kani” is actually Japanese for “crab,” usually imitation crab meat. Kani is most commonly served as a spicy Kani maki roll, consisting of cooked crab meat covered in rice and then wrapped in seaweed. Kani can be served shredded or in […]

What are the best sushi rolls for beginners?

Sushi Rolls for Beginners

For sure some of your friends have asked you this question: what are the best sushi rolls for beginners? We know the answer isn’t easy, it depends on their food preference, previous experiences, the desire of experiencing new things, and much more. But hey, there’s no reason to worry because here we have some suggestions […]

What Are The Different Types Of Sushi Rolls?

Different Types of Sushi Rolls

When we think about sushi, we are faced with an endless world of possibilities. Surely, within the current extensive gastronomic offer, you will find from five stars sushi bars to less sophisticated places, that will delight almost every foodie. Devoted to three ingredients, raw or cooked fish, vegetables, and rice seasoned with vinegar, this dish […]