What exactly is Kani?

Kani Sushi

Kani sushi is not as illustrious as you may think it is. The word “Kani” is actually Japanese for “crab,” usually imitation crab meat. Kani is most commonly served as a spicy Kani maki roll, consisting of cooked crab meat covered in rice and then wrapped in seaweed. Kani can be served shredded or in […]

Is sushi Japanese or Chinese?

Japanese or Chinese

Do you know the origin of sushi? Where does it come from? Is it Japanese or Chinese? There is a lot of history behind every sushi roll. Is sushi Japanese or Chinese? The inevitable answer would be that sushi originated in Japan. Even though Japan is the sushi capital, where most tourists love this dish, […]

Is Sushi a Healthy Lunch?

Sushi - A Healthy Lunch

Can I eat sushi for lunch every day? This is the most common question from #sushilovers, and the answer can be found in this blog. Sushi is considered a healthy food, as it contains all the macronutrients we need to thrive such as fruits, fish, vegetables, seaweed and rice. It fullfills the magic formula for […]

Sushi Nutrition Facts

Sushi Nutrition Facts

Sushi is a delicacy for many, and it’s a wonderful delight to taste. There are, however, doubts about whether it is a healthy addition to a diet. Let’s get to know more about the sushi nutritional information. Throughout the years, sushi has undergone several changes according to our chef. Culture and the place (country) where […]

Who invented sushi?

Who Invented Sushi Banner

Have you ever wondered who created sushi? When and where was sushi invented? There are many theories, history, culture, and evolution. Let’s go through the history of sushi together. When and where was sushi invented? Sushi is one of the most widely eaten foods across the world and it traces its origins back to Asia, […]

What Sushi is Good for Weight Loss?

If you’re a sushi lover and are already on a diet to reach your goals, you may have found asking yourself if sushi is a good addition in a weight loss diet. There is something to keep in mind – no food alone can make you gain or lose weight. To reach where you want […]

Is Sushi Vegan?

We love having healthy options for all tastes and trends when it comes to food. The important question that begs to be answered today is, ‘Is Sushi Vegan’? If so, where can you find the most delicious ones? Whether it’s allergies, the composition and texture of animal protein, ecological reasons such as animal rights to […]

How Many Calories Are In Sushi?

Oh how it’s impossible to resist getting your hands on an attractive beautiful roll upon a thought. The Japanese cuisine’s extraordinary appearances around the world, found in every corner, can be a delicious craving you may just want to break your diet for. The variety it comes in are endless and options for every different […]