Can Cats Eat Sushi?

Most people think that cats can eat fish, and as a consequence they could eat sushi, however this isn’t entirely true. There are two positions: the vets that agree and those who don’t. The first ones assure that the best way to give fish to a cat is raw but measuring the portions and the […]

Can Dogs Eat Sushi?

We face an entirely new world of exploration, with so much to learn when we finally decide to share our path of life with some puppy love. As a wide community of sushi lovers have pets, there is often a question that lingers around, quite apparent after how the puppy dog eyes look at you […]

Can Pregnant Women Eat Sushi?

Mothers-to-be are among a great group of true sushi fans. However, one of the biggest concerns is “Can pregnant women eat sushi?”  Even though each person’s pregnancy stage is vastly different, what is certain is that all mothers are looking to make the best decisions during their pregnancy to ensure the healthiest birth for their […]