Can Pregnant Women Eat Sushi?

Mothers-to-be are among a great group of true sushi fans. However, one of the biggest concerns is “Can pregnant women eat sushi? 

Even though each person’s pregnancy stage is vastly different, what is certain is that all mothers are looking to make the best decisions during their pregnancy to ensure the healthiest birth for their child. If you are expecting, hold on tight and keep reading where we bring to you the most important points straight from the experts on this subject.

Seafood is still a great supplement for a mother-to-be diet!

Several studies have shown that seafood is essential, and even recommended, in any pregnancy diet plan. Among the benefits is that they are a promoting agent of the body’s optimal hormonal levels, in addition to reducing stress and anxiety levels by up to 50 percent!

Furthermore, this cuisine intriguingly also allows for planning a balanced, diverse, and healthy diet, combating one of the main fears women have – considerable weight gain during pregnancy, or even postpartum.

Including a seafood diet is extremely effective when it comes to consuming healthy proteins and fatty acids, such as Omega 3, undoubtedly reducing the intake of saturated fats.

Why fear sushi?

Right from the gestation period, there is an undeniable reality in the world of motherhood. Moms are no longer watching only their own, but also the life of their child. There’s a constant battle with overthinking every decision to ensure taking the best of them for the baby. Often times, there’s an entirely new lifestyle needed to be adjusted to for the optimal state of health for both mother and baby.

One of the most common responses doctors give to the question can pregnant women eat sushi? is to completely eliminate sushi (or sashimi), seafood, and also raw meat from their diets. Though these measures are common, it is important to understand the reasoning behind them.

The reasons to have any food restrictions in the first place is to minimize the risk of anisakiasis, caused by a parasite called anisakis. The transmission of this disease occurs through the ingestion of raw or undercooked fish or shrimp which stay immune to the extensive freezing process seafood goes through.

Furthermore, though a minor case, many experts consider seafood to have chemical contamination of mercury.

Risks of such problems can very well be eliminated if the seafood you consume is of the highest safety and quality standards. Nonetheless, most sushi chefs are professionals and are aware of the inconsistencies that inevitably come with seafood and take utmost precaution in selecting the safest and healthiest seafood options.

Can I Eat Sushi While Pregnant?

There are multiple ways to safely consume sushi! Keep reading to get an idea of how to carefully include the Japanese delicacy in your diet. Firstly, it is important to note that all restaurants working with seafood are required by the FDA to ensure, when freezing, to maintain a temperature of -20°C for 7 consecutive days, uninterrupted. This measure is applicable for certain fish and seafood, so checking with your doctor is always the best practice.

    • Completely avoid options that include bluefin tuna, swordfish, emperors, shark, and pike
    • Avoid sushi options that have been subjected to raw, or even smoked, preparations
    • Give veggie, sweet, and fully cooked seafood options a try

What Sushi Can I Eat While Pregnant?

For the mothers out there with unconditional love for sushi, Kae has great news for you!

Chef Landa has made sure to add innovative, and specially created dishes on Kae’s menu to cater to all needs, including allergies. So, if you’re still wondering “Can pregnant women eat sushi?” Our answer is yes!  Even more so if you visit Kae Sushi.

Give Kae’s delicious veggie roll a try, with vegetable stuffing, dressing, and the best of Kae’s techniques. If you rather feel a little mischievous, give our famous Meat Lovers Roll a chance – the mixture of mamenori, marinated churrasco, sweet plantain, cilantro, scallions, cream cheese, avocado, and chimichurri sauce will really blow your mind away.

If sweetness is in your delight, the Marquesa Roll is guaranteed to satisfy all cravings!

Last, but not the least, Kae’s iconic Prosciutto Roll is a savory option, combining a unique combination of mamenori, crispy cilantro, prosciutto, tobiko, avocado, cilantro sauce, and parmesan cheese. We can promise you the order for a second round will be on your mouth before your first is even complete!

For your next Sushi craving, Kae is here for you and ready to serve you the best delights. Please do not hesitate to let us know any dietary restrictions or allergies, we will cater to your needs the best we can!


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