Can I Eat Sushi On Keto?

Can I Eat Sushi On Keto?

So, you just started your keto diet and you’re planning on sticking to it. How can you navigate a Japanese restaurant without breaking your strict no carb rule? Kae Sushi’s menu is diverse and inclusive to any diet. With a little research and knowledge, you can attend your next sushi night happy, full, and guilt free! 

Origin of Sushi

First created in Southeast Asia and Southern China, the original sushi was introduced to Japan in the 8th century. The fish was salted and wrapped in fermented rice as a means of preservation. Fermented rice was used to keep fish fresh for up to a year. Did you know that “sushi” is a Japanese word that actually translates to sour rice? But the sushi we see today has evolved over time into a roll that is shaped with a sheet of seaweed and cut into bite sized pieces! 


The good news is that even though sushi has rice, aka carbs, there are very few sushi restaurants that only serve sushi. For an appetizer you can opt for the miso soup! This clear broth favored with fermented soybean paste, is a staple in Japanese cuisine. The broth has no thickeners and is filled with keto friendly veggies like cabbage, mushroom, or onions. You can also find firm cubes of tofu in your miso soup. 

Another appetizer that is keto friendly would be edamame! Are you surprised? Edamame pods are simply soybeans, steamed and salted for a delicious appetizer made for sharing. Or not! 

Main Course

Unfortunately, you can’t eat traditional sushi on keto. Sushi actually refers to the rice found in the most common rolls and rice is a carb which breaks your keto diet. Although, you CAN enjoy a wonderful array of the fresh seafood your sushi restaurant offers while on keto. 

Sashimi is your number one friend at a sushi restaurant. Sashimi consists of just the fish without the rice! So, you can enjoy that delicious salmon or tuna and not have to worry about carbs. Another entrée you could order would be Negimaki, or thinly sliced grilled beef. 

What To Avoid On A Keto Diet

After reviewing your options, you could clearly make a distinction on what will work on keto and what will not. Some obvious foods to avoid would be any dish with rice or fried tempura. 

Also, skip the seaweed salad, even though it may sound healthy, the brine in which it is prepared with contains a lot of sugar. 

Anything made with teriyaki should definitely be avoided. The sauce is sugary and sticky and often made with molasses or rice syrup. All very bad your keto diet. Imitation crab meat is also found in many dishes at a Japanese restaurant and it is something you have to avoid. Imitation crab consists of white fish that’s been pulverized and reshaped into crab leg structures. It is also mixed with other binders, fillers, and sugars. Maintaining your keto diet means understanding how your food is prepared and knowing what to avoid. 

Enjoy KAE With KETO

Following these rules will help you to make the best decisions according to your diet! Kae Sushi is proud to serve the freshest ingredients and finest Japanese cuisine on Giralda Ave. Enjoy your next sushi night keto conscious and guilt free! 


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