Can Dogs Eat Sushi?

We face an entirely new world of exploration, with so much to learn when we finally decide to share our path of life with some puppy love. As a wide community of sushi lovers have pets, there is often a question that lingers around, quite apparent after how the puppy dog eyes look at you when you bite on that sushi.

The question becomes obvious: can dogs eat sushi? The answer: Yes, but it depends, and caution must be taken. Read on to find out if you can really share the delicious bites with your pet.

Is sushi good for dogs?

Not everything is forbidden in the delicious world of sushi for dogs. We’ll go ingredient by ingredient to really explain what you can and cannot share.

First, we talk about rice. Normally, the type of rice used to prepare sushi rolls is usually of a premiere quality and quite a healthy addition to your pet’s diet. Second, we have the fish. Though this is a great source of protein, it is best to avoid giving your dogs bites of raw seafood. There are considerable risks of parasites that a us human beings may be used to consuming, however, could rather prove a problem to the sensitive stomachs of the likes of dogs.

Finally, we have seaweed. These are delicious and can even be found in supermarkets and some of the neighborhood stores. However, many veterinarians recommend these be properly prepared to avoid and indiscretions.

Is sushi bad for dogs?

Whether you intentionally treat a bite of sushi to your pet or they mischievously manage to steal a roll away, you should keep the following things in mind to avoid any problems to their digestive health.

    • Look closely at the ingredients of each roll

These are highly toxic and dangerous foods for dogs: added sugar, avocado, mayonnaise, chocolate, prunes and raisins, raw fish, wasabi, ginger, soy, etc.

    • Some consequences

As some ingredients like above can be toxic, others can cause a severe stomach aches, abnormal bowel movements, and drastic changes to your pet’s energy levels. If you ever notice any of these symptoms, take them to the vet at the earliest.

Dog Friendly Sushi Places

When it comes to sushi, there are quite a lot of places to enjoy the exquisiteness of Japanese cuisine. At Kae, you and your pet can enjoy a wide variety of rolls from Chef Landa’s original menu! Order rolls with meat, vegetables, or both. These options are completely safe for your pets to enjoy. Moreover, Kae also offers outdoor pet-friendly sitting areas so no one is at a compromise!

Without a doubt, dogs can definitely eat some rolls! Keep in mind, veggies and meat options are the way to go. We hope we answered some important doubts regarding delicious sushi treats for your beautiful pets. Do share this post with other dog owners to guide them through should they have the same doubts as you!


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