Can Cats Eat Sushi?

Most people think that cats can eat fish, and as a consequence they could eat sushi, however this isn’t entirely true. There are two positions: the vets that agree and those who don’t. The first ones assure that the best way to give fish to a cat is raw but measuring the portions and the other group denies this possibility radically because it can cause health issues.

Can cats eat raw fish?

According to an article published by the Huffington Post, the veterinarian Sally Perea, certified as a nutritionist by P&G Pet Care in Ohio (Estados Unidos), cats can’t eat raw fish. This is because their digestive system isn’t prepared to digest it and the consequences could have a negative impact on their health.
The consumption of raw fish (and sushi) can cause gastrointestinal upset in cats which could end in more serious diseases, that in cats are usually more difficult to treat and diagnose because of their behavior. This doesn’t mean that they are able to consume sushi with cooked fish because sometimes, the rolls can include other ingredients that aren’t appropriate for them or even that they don’t like.
Cat eat raw sushi
When we share our lives with animals, we wish that they could enjoy the same food as us since if for us the plate is delicious it would be fantastic to share it with them. Sadly, in most cases the food that we consume isn’t fit for our pets because their digestive system works in a different way.

Can cats eat cooked sushi?

Nevertheless, if you are willing to give your cat the same experience that you have while enjoying our fantastic sushi rolls, one viable option is to create a similar dish at home to celebrate special occasions. But we highly recommend asking your vet first and taking into account that for cats, the most important factors in their food are texture and palatability.
We know this might come as a shock because many of us associate cats with fish and in movies we always see cats trying to get fish out of their thanks, but that happens only on the screen. The truth is that even if your cat is looking with desire for your sushi roll, this dish isn’t good for him and it’s not only because of the raw fish.
Although sushi is a delicious food, it is not suitable for many species of animals including cats. Sushi also contains rice, seaweed, vegetables, sauces and much more that your cat can’t enjoy and might be dangerous for their health. There are other ways to pamper your cat and take care of its health.
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