Sushi Rolls for Beginners

What are the best sushi rolls for beginners?

For sure some of your friends have asked you this question: what are the best sushi rolls for beginners? We know the answer isn’t easy, it depends on their food preference, previous experiences, the desire of experiencing new things, and much more. But hey, there’s no reason to worry because here we have some suggestions so you can send this blog to those friends who aren’t sushi lovers yet. With Kae’s sushi rolls, they will fall in love with sushi for sure and the most exciting news is that they will come with you to enjoy the best sushi in Miami.

Now, The most important tip, regarding sushi for beginners, is to have into consideration their personal preferences:

  1. What kind of protein does she/he like?
  2. Has she/he have had previous experiences with sushi? How was it?
  3. Any flavors they dislike?
After knowing this, it is time to choose the sushi roll to start with. We highly recommend selecting a sushi roll that doesn’t have raw fish and matching it with a delicious sauce to give it a special touch. This is definitively the best way to guarantee the first best sushi experience, and it is even more important if this person has had previous bad experiences. Usually, beginners prefer to eat tempura rolls to start experimenting and trying different flavors. Additionally, you can try making this experience fun: start with the basics, how to use the sushi sticks identifying different sauces and fish. And since we want you and your friends to have a delicious experience, here are our recommendations for beginners:
  • Honey Moon Roll
  • Lobster Deluxe Roll
  • Butter and Lobster Roll
  • Miami Roll
  • California Roll
  • Meat Lovers Roll (the name says it all)
  • Jalapeño Yaita Roll (if you like spicy food)
Sushi for Beginners
And if you are a beginner and want to try different sushi rolls, you must know the various kinds of sushi:
  • Makis: Rolls made by placing rice on a sheet of dried nori seaweed stuffed with vegetables and/or fish.
  • Futomaki: They are like makis but much thicker.
  • Hosomaki: They are like makis but much thinner.
  • Temaki: Is shaped like a large cone and is rolled by hand.
  • Uramaki: It differs from the other makis in that the rice is on the outside and the nori is on the inside surrounding the filling. They are coated with fish eggs or toasted sesame seeds.
  • Oshizushi: A block of rice, pressed in a wooden mold, is rectangular.
  • Nigirizushi or Nigiri: It is shaped like a croquette by hand and fish, seafood, or other flat ingredients, usually seasoned, are placed on top of the rice.
  • Chirashizushi: Is a name given when the rice is served in a rice bowl with the other ingredients.
  Now you are ready to try the best sushi in Miami or even help some friends. With these tips, you can venture off and try the most amazing sushi rolls with our recommendations!


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