What Is The Best Sushi Near Me

When it comes to sushi, the options to create and experiment are endless. Even if you have often wondered where the best sushi near you is, without a doubt, in Miami, you will find an incomparable gastronomic offer and through each one, you’ll be taken to a different part of the world in the blink of an eye.

As we are always aware of what is happening in the world of sushi, we want to introduce you to 20 places in Coral Gables that promise to enter your personal list of “best sushi places near me” that you can discover if you wish to graduate as a true sushi lover.

    1. KAE SUSHI

Kae’s options are definitely one in a million. Authentic creations full of new flavors to try on each visit. From the hand of Chef Landa, who has almost 15 years of experience in a cuisine like this, you will experience the best of fusion cuisine, characterized by its Japanese soul with a touch of Miami’s heat.

Among its top dishes, as recommended by their beloved customers, you’ll find the “Prosciutto roll”, “Salmon Sensation”, ‘Meat Lovers Roll”, “Kanikama Crunch”, “Miami Roll” and the “Jalapeño Yaita”. If you wish to try a new face of sushi in Miami, then Kae is for you.

Come visit us and discover why our clients describe us as a “fresh and really delicious” option to enjoy on a “clear Giralda afternoon”. Remember that we are not only at South Miami and Coral Gables but also present at events with our sushi boats. They will be the jewel in your crown for your celebrations.


This place is located in the heart of Salzedo St., has traditional recipes and keeps the spirit of Japanese gastronomy intact. Those who visit it highlight its freshness and technique. One of the recommended must-try dishes is the “Tonkatsu Ramen”.

    1. MATSURI

If what you are looking for is a relaxed and bright atmosphere, this restaurant is just right for you. With over 30 years of experience in Asian cuisine, its most popular dishes are “Vegetable Tempura” and “Go to Ren” special for those who love sashimi. Is it a must? You can bet it is.


Versatility can also be found in Coral Gables with Kao Sushi & Grill. Here, you will not only find top-level sushi but also countless options for those who enjoy a well-done grilled dish. Their diners elevate their masterful options and some of the best culinary classics.


It is an option that everyone who works in Coral Gables loves. Its modest environment is very highly rated by those who have visited it. They stand out for their excellent customer service and for having fresh and flavorful options. If you visit them, the most outstanding recommendations are the “Moose Roll”, “Hmm Roll” and the “Santana roll”.


This option is among those with the most experienced in the world of Asian cuisine since it was established in 1993. It was born through the art of Chef Larry Chi and his wife Barbara. Its name means “bright stone” and also represents a city in Japan very well known for its seafood. If you decide to visit Akashi with some friends or on a lunch break, its most frequent visitors recommend one of its most famous dishes: The Holt.


Open at the beginning of the millennia, Sushi Maki aims to make sushi a must in Miami. Its focus is that each client can create an unparalleled connection with their dishes and that there is a unique family experience when you visit their restaurant. If you want to order something iconic at the restaurant, we recommend going for a Spider, The Fifty, or a Dragon roll.


Fusion is one of the culinary trends that invades Miami. When you visit POC you will be able to observe a menu with a wide variety of dishes not only from Japan but from around the world. One of the things to catch your attention is their selection of more than 125 items on display, daily! Of course, if you are looking to delight yourself with only some sushi, you will be surprised at the options they serve. Find some delicious sushi rolls, sashimi, raw bar, grill & carving Station, kebabs, grilled vegetables, hot entrees, a salad bar, a variety of soup options, and some delicious desserts.


Entering the Garín restaurant, you’ll utter one word: WOW! Their chef’s special 50 pieces platter will do more than just surprise you. One of the main attractions, in addition to finding meticulously prepared food, is the ambiance of art and music that creates such a unique environment inside. If you not only want to know where the best sushi near you is but also the best live entertainment, we promise that you will love this place.


At Enya, their plating will blow your mind. Each person who visits Enya surely shares something on their social media because their food is perfect for shareable amusements. It is a place highly recommended by those who visit it and many of them assure that you cannot miss their Tingly Beef Noodles and Green Dragon Roll.


Although they are currently in Miami, Sushi Chef was originally born in Akita Prefecture in Northern Japan. Run by Chef Enomoto, this place has been listed as one of the hidden pearls of Japanese cuisine in Miami. In its most popular reviews, its excellent atmosphere, service, and quality are a highlight. If you want to try food prepared by a chef who has 24 years of experience in the industry, this gem is for you.


Since 1981, Sushin has focused not only on having fresh and beautifully plated options, but also ensuring that each visitor feels a warm, family-friendly space. Its gastronomic style is essentially focused on achieving the perfect hybrid between traditional cooking methods with an adapting inspiration from each of its chefs. The menu is a treasure to discover in Coral Gables.


The heart of Miami lights up a little every time someone visits Sushi Kong. What makes this restaurant a must-visit is simply unique? Latin flavors combined with Japanese cuisine is the surprise that awaits you in the menu of the restaurant. The names of the dishes really do justice upon seeing what they actually are when served. Our recommendations are starters like PataKONG and Besitos Especiales. If you are in a romantic mood, they’ve even got a Romeo & Juliet roll for you.


The vegan gastronomy market is on the rise, and naturally, this restaurant is highly regarded. If you are one of those who did not think it possible to find a suitable and varied menu for vegans, then Planta Queen wants to show you otherwise. Its facilities have been recently remodeled so you will feel like living a first-rate experience when you do visit them.


This jewel is the product of the genius mind of chef Jack Punma. Since its opening during the 2000s, it has grown notably, now available at 3 locations – Kendall, Coral Springs, and Weston. Those who visit it highlight the delicacy and close detail with which each of its dishes is prepared. Its fresh, high-quality entrees stand out, as well as its quiet atmosphere and excellent customer service.


Red Koi’s focus is mainly on Thai cuisine and fun sushi creations. This place is especially recommended if you want to spice up the routine and have a great time with friends. Its atmosphere is sophisticated, fun, and disruptive. You will surely find that most of its visitors recommend the lounge on the second floor, the Red Room, where you can enjoy exclusive happy hour specials.


Wherever you look, you will find a Benihana. In fact, to be more exact, the legacy of this wonderful restaurant lives on in nearly 70 locations in the United States, Caribbean, Central, and South America. Its most outstanding reviews include a special mention of its spectacular show. If you visit them, be sure to ask for their Onion Volcano show!


This wide group of restaurants should also be on your list because, although it was formerly known as Houston’s, it has been renovated in such a way that it is now a must-try in the city of Coral Gables. Its atmosphere is much more elegant, and it will surely be the perfect spot for a reunion with some friends or family. Our recommendation? Their “Pressed Sushi”, hands down!


We are simply going to start by that their Big Platter is a must-try. Their most frequent customers describe it as “a great deal.” Now, if what you are looking for are an individual and more practical option, they have you covered. It is a perfect spot if you are looking for a well-done fast-food place at a very competitive price.


Something curious happens with this Sushi Bar and it is a hidden passage in Miami. Don’t let its small footage fool you, because within its small space you will find fresh sushi, prepared instantly for you, and above all, they’re delicious! If your thing is practicality and speed, frequent customers frequently highlight its takeout and delivery, available on most food delivery apps like Postmates and DoorDash. Their most popular dishes are varied but we think they are all absolutely delicious. If you visit The Sushi Bar, be sure to order an Inside-Out with a kick of spicy mayo.

So.. “where the best sushi near me is?” We hope we’ve answered that question with a success. If you’re willing to find out more, Coral Gables most definitely has a lot of Asian cuisines to offer, with some of the most classic and delicious dishes out there. Let out your inner foodie and visit these spectacular spots. We wish you a delicious adventure.


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