Best Fish for Sushi

What Type of Fish Is Best for Sushi?

Sushi is one of the greatest, perfect creations of gastronomy. Each roll is full of texture, flavor, protein, vegetables, love, and passion.

Sushi requires absolutely the best fish you can get based on the need to be served fresh. Top-quality fish is good if you buy it fresh and make it into mouth-watering sushi pieces, based on the cut and preparation in the kitchen. It is up to the traditions, chef, and taste of the people to choose the best fish for any sushi roll.

Let’s Talk About the Favorite Fish for Sushi:

  • Salmon: The favorite fish for those who love fish and those who don’t like fish. It offers a delicious flavor, no pungent taste. Its bright orange color makes sushi, sashimi, or any roll visually appealing.
  • Tuna: It has a mild flavor and a firm texture to it. It also contains magnesium, choline, vitamin C, zinc, and many other vitamins. Many tuna fish to select from, such as the bluefin-tuna, akami, toro yellowfin, and bigeye. In the end, it depends on the customer’s preference.
  • Shrimp: Due to its versatility, it´s a great addition to your sushi roll. It can be raw but usually eaten as tempura (fried). Tempura rolls are the Best sushi for people who don’t like fish.
  • Octopus: Looks impressive on a sushi platter, known as Tako nigiri or Octopus Tiradito. Often served with soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger. It works perfectly as an appetizer.
  • Hamachi: Tasty when served both raw or cooked; it’s fresh, soft, and buttery, with a slightly smoky flavor—considered the Best fish for raw sushi in the traditional Japanese style, simple seasoning. The perfect fish for sushi lovers, but not optimal for those who dislike fish.
  • Crab: Creamy, satisfying famous Japanese sushi roll. Crab compliments tempura rolls exceptionally, with avocado and cream cheese highlighting its flavors. So yes, it could be the Best sushi for people who don’t fancy fish.
Best Fish for Sushi Roll

We can go on talking about a variety of excellent fish for sushi, such as Caviar, Halibut, Lobster, Japanese Mackerel, Prawns, and so on. But each person has their personal choice of what they consider the “Best fish.”

Nutritionists recommend that we consume raw fish to receive all the benefits of fish and avoid losing its nutritional properties. Once fish is cooked or fried, it loses many healthy omega-3 fatty acids. We reduce the amount of protein when we consume it by cooking it.

Sushi chefs have created marvelous rolls in this modern world, incorporating other ingredients from their own cultures such as banana/plantain, beef, prosciutto, and a variety of sweet and sour sauces, other than soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger. Chef Landa is amongst those chefs with the beautiful creation he introduced, the Nutella Roll. An incredible creation of sushi dessert, suitable for those who don´t enjoy fish and, of course, are chocolate lovers.

All in all, what is the Best fish for sushi lovers? Or the best sushi for people who don’t like fish? Think about it and come to Kae, here we have a roll for any palate, whether it´s traditional, alternative, tropical, with meat, prosciutto, or guava sauce.


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